• Cotton...From Field to Fabric

    Cotton...From Field to Fabric

    Grades 6-12 (DVD 10 min.) Explore how cotton is produced "from field to fabric" and processed into cotton cloth on a modern farm and in a modern textile mill. This DVD was produced by the National Cotton Council of America. Also check out the online...

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  • Cotton Perennial

    Cotton...The Perennial Patriot

    Grades 6-12 (DVD 9 min.) Cotton has been grown and used throughout the history of the United States. This DVD teaches how cotton plants have impacted and changed the history of the United States. From the production of blue jeans to the filament in the...

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  • Dairy West Food Models

    Dairy West Food Models - Promo

    Grades K-12 (Kit) *** The Dairy West Food Models kit is available to teachers in Utah and Idaho. Available while supplies last. Teachers from other states, please order the Food Models kit. Thank you Dairy West for subsidizing...

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  • Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese

    Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese Kit - Promo

    Grades 3-12 (Kit) *** The FREE Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese kit is available to teachers in Utah and Idaho. All others, please order the Mozzarella Cheese kit. Available while supplies last, limit one per teacher! If you have a need for more than...

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  • Desktop Greenhouse

    Desktop Greenhouses

    Grade 3-5 (Kit) Do plants need light? Students will investigate the importance of light to plants by creating desktop greenhouses. Kit includes clear plastic cups with lids, black plastic cups, black electrical tape, black card stock, Jiffy 7...

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  • Desktop Greenhouses - Mini Kit

    Desktop Greenhouses - Mini Kit

    Grades 3-5 (Mini Kit) This mini kit includes enough materials for one classroom demonstration or an individual student. Full Desktop Greenhouses kit is available for purchase.  Do plants need light? Students will investigate the importance of...

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  • Dustbowl Grantsville

    Dust Bowl: Grantsville, Utah

    Grades 3-12 (DVD 14min.) This short documentary, narrated by KUTV's Michelle King, includes interviews from Utah residents (primary sources) about the "dirty" Grantsville Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Yes, Utah did experience its own dust bowl, not from the...

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  • Farm Profile Cards

    Farm Profile Cards

    Grades 9-12 (Kit) Enhance students' understanding of farms with our Farm Profile Cards, which enable them to visualize farms of various sizes, ownership structures, types, and locations. Inside this kit, you'll discover six sets of 21 cards, totaling 126...

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  • Farming in a Glove

    Farming in a Glove

    Grades K-5 (Kit)  Grow your own farm in a glove! This kit contains instructions and enough materials for 30 students to plant five different seeds in the fingers of a food handler's glove and the cotton necessary to sprout them. Given a few days,...

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  • farming in a glove corn

    Farming in a Glove (Corn Seeds)

    Grades 3-12 (Kit) Grow your own farm in a glove! This kit contains instructions and enough materials for 30 students to plant five varieties of corn seeds; popcorn, Indian corn, field corn, sweet corn and flour corn, in the fingers of a food handler's...

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  • Fertile Eggs (Information Only)

    Fertile Eggs (Information Only)

    DO NOT add to cart! Fertile eggs are NOT AVAILABLE for purchase through Fertile eggs are necessary for hatching chicks. Eggs sold in grocery stores are not fertile and cannot be hatched. There are several options for purchasing...

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  • Flavor Oil

    Flavor Oil - Cherry

    Flavor oils are formulated specifically for lip balms and lip glosses. The flavor Oils are manufactured using a combination of both high quality Natural and Artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with...

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