Wheat Bundle

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wheat bundle

Grades K-10 (Kit)

Wheat is the most widely used grain across the globe. Experience threshing and grinding the wheat with your students while discussing how bread is made in different cultures. Each wheat bundle has 35 stalks of wheat.

A Note on Wheat Quality
You will probably notice that there is black on the stems of our wheat this year. Prolonged cool, wet conditions like those Utah experienced in April and May make wheat susceptible to fungal infections. What you are seeing is the effect of diseases like leaf spot and mildew. These diseases are caused by fungi that are similar to the molds that grow in wet bathroom corners and on old food. The wheat is safe to handle and dissect, but use caution with students who are sensitive to mold. We do not recommend tasting the wheat or grinding it for consumption. Image

Lesson plans associated with this kit can be found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix.