Hen House Prototype

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Classroom kit:
Includes enough materials for 10 small groups of students.
Hen House Prototype

Creating a prototype is an important part of the engineering process. Adding paper circuits and fans to a cardboard model can be a cost effective way for students to build a prototype. The Hen House Paper Circuit kit contains copper tape, white LEDs, 3-volt coin cell batteries, hobby motors and propellers. Enough materials for 10 small groups of students. 

Find the Introduction to Circuits instructions and the Hen House Engineering lesson plan on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix. 

Add complexity to the prototype by using an Arduino board to control the lights and fan. The SparkFun Inventors Kit or Arduino Starter Kit is a great way to get started with Arduino. If you aren't ready to invest in the hardware is a virtual way to learn the basics. 

Are you looking for a more basic kit with colorful LEDs? Check out the Paper Circuits kit. 


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