GM Soybean Seed

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Provide a hands-on experience for students to compare conventional soybean seeds to genetically modified Roundup Ready® soybean seeds. This kit includes conventional soybean seeds, GM soybean seeds, and the testing materials to indicate which seed contains the protein responsible for making Roundup Ready® soybeans tolerant to the herbicide glyphosate. 

The kit will include the following items: 

· 20 conventional soybeans in a coin envelope 

· 20 Genetically Modified "Roundup Ready"® soybeans in a coin envelope 

· 2 QuickStix test strips 

· 4 weighing boats 

· 2 transfer pipettes 

· 2 reaction vials or microfuge 

· Additional seeds (seeds to simulate “weeds” or unwanted plants) 

1 kit contains enough supplies for 1 class. If additional classes are taught, additional seed test supplies can be added or additional kits can be purchased. 

This kit is designed to accompany the lesson The Science of a GMO

GE Soybean seeds can only ship to teachers or students in the United States!