• Make Milk

    Make Mine Milk

    Grades K-7 (DVD 27 min.) This DVD integrates curriculum areas such as geography, science, and mathematics. Elementary kids learn where milk comes from, how milk is transported and processed, and how milk contributes to a nutritious diet.Lesson plans...

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  • Moo 2 You

    Moo 2 You

    Grades 1-4 (DVD 14 min.) What happens when the substitute teacher, Ms. Moo, leads the class for a day? Join Ms. Moo in a fun, fast mooving learning experience for grade students. Through zany games of "Moo-nopoly" & "Pyramid of Power" Ms. Moo and...

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  • My Farm Web 1

    My Farm Web

    Grades K-3 (Kit) An interactive lesson plan, complete with downloadable color prints, which has students create a 'farm web' to visually showcase how agriculture is a part of their lives. Designed specifically for a younger audience, the lesson helps...

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  • MyPlate poster

    MyPlate Activity Poster

    Grades K-6 (Poster) Use this 30" x 26" MyPlate Activity Poster in conjunction with the Food Models or other pictures of food to teach your students about food groups and healthy eating. MyPlate is the USDA's visual nutrition guide, which depicts a place...

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  • MyPlate tear pad

    MyPlate Tear Pad

    Grades 1-12 Produced by the Beef Council, the MyPlate, My Health tear pad reflects the recently-released USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate. The fact sheet includes the MyPlate graphic, tips on eating the MyPlate way to meet Dietary...

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  • Origami Parts of a Flower

    Grades 5-12 (Kit) Explore the parts of a flower by creating origami flower models. This kit contains instructions and enough origami paper, chenille stems, and beads to make 35 flowers. This activity is designed for use with the Flower Power lesson...

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  • both types of papeanuts

    Packing Peanuts

    Grades 3-12 (Kit) Engage students in a quick and simple activity using a product that can be made from either renewable or non-renewable resources, packing peanuts. This kit contains enough petroleum-based, Styrofoam packing peanuts and corn-based,...

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  • Paper Circuits

    Paper circuits are an exciting way for students to learn how electrical circuits work. The concepts learned in this activity are a springboard for more complicated electrical projects such as sewing circuits and building prototypes controlled by Arduino...

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  • Parent Offspring 7

    Parent/Offspring Cards

    Grades K-6 (Kit) This kit contains full-color, laminated pictures of chicken breeds that can be used to highlight similarities and differences between parents and offspring and to discuss inherited traits. A great complement to any unit on heredity...

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  • Parts of a Flower

    Parts of a Flower

    Grades 5-7 (Poster) Introduce students to the processes of pollination and how traits are inherited from parents to offspring in plants with this interactive poster. The cross-section diagram clearly shows the petals, sepal, anther, pollen grains,...

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  • strawberry plant

    Parts of a Strawberry Plant

    Grades K-2 (Poster) The fruits and vegetables we eat come from parts of a plant. Flowering plants have six main parts. Use this 28" X 24" laminated poster of a strawberry plant to label and discuss the functions of the roots, stems, leaves, flowers,...

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  • Pizza Time

    Pizza Time

    Grades K-7 (Bulletin Board) This 42" x 42" bulletin board uses the skill of "telling time" to help students understand the time it takes to grow, process, and produce the ingredients of a pizza. It can easily be used to teach concepts of time,...

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