Water Savers Game

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Water Savers Game

Expected release date is Dec 5th 2022

Grades 5th-12th (Game)

This game is a European style game built to support 2-5 students and to encourage brainstorming of various environmental problems and issues within their area. The game is to also begin the brainstorming of environmental actions that individuals and a group may take to help with an environmental issue. Time to play is 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on depth. 


  • Game Cards*
  • Hero Cards* 
  • Villain Cards*
  • Game Board* 
  • Pollution Track* 
  • Paper Clip
  • 6 Different Colored Game Pieces
  • Rule Sheet and Game Instructions*

 *Printed on durable synthetic paper. 

View students setting up and playing the game.

Downloadable version of this game and Water Savers! lesson plan can be found on the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation website.