Soil Samples (Soil Texture)

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Soil Samples (Soil Texture)

This is a great kit for teaching students about soil textures. The soils samples are intended for students who are doing a texture analysis by feel and appearance. See Activity 2: Soil Textures By Feel in the lesson plan Types by Texture. The kit includes two cups of sand, two cups of silt loam, and two cups of clay. All of the soil samples are from the state of Utah and are representative of the Intermountain Region, although the mineral content may be different, the particle sizes are true to soil texture type and can be used by other states for demonstration purposes.

Contextualize the soil samples with the soils lessons found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

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    Great for touchy elementary kids

    Posted by Lindy on Sep 29th 2021

    Having samples of sand, silt, and clay makes my soil unit so much easier. The students are constantly drawing connections and remembering what they observed about these samples. Each bag is about a quart size and comes 1/2-2/3 full. It's enough for me to give 90 students 1/2-tsp of each (plenty to make their observations) and still have a good amount left over for next year. Worth the purchase every time!!

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    Soil conditioing experiments

    Posted by Mike James on Jul 10th 2021

    These bonafide samples of sand, silt & clay helped me conduct experiments to qualitatively compare how each material altered the texture or condition of soil-less organic plant growing media such as sphagnum peat moss, coconut coir, composted manure, etc. The clay and silt are of most interest to me. Clay tends to aggregate the growing media more than silt. Sand provides little to know aggregation. Aggregates in the grow media are important to maintain good aeration and well-draining which helps in preventing an anaerobic environment leading to root rot including other bad side-effects. Clay and silt both can help with mineralization of the growing media as well. The extent of mineralization will take longer for me to evaluate. So far so good!

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Alexa Shanklin on Apr 14th 2021

    I was very pleased with this product! My students were very engaged and thrilled to be touching actual soil as a science lesson. It was plenty for a class of 21 to each have a little sample, enough to even test adding water to each. The shipping time was also efficient.