eLearning Box (Grades 3-5)

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Individual kit:
Includes enough materials for one student.
eLearning Box (Grades 3-5)

Grades 3-5 (Kit)

This kit is designed to support various forms of homeschool, virtual learning, and online classes, this kit provides ready-to-use supplies to facilitate hands-on learning and discovery. Each kit contains materials for one student to complete a variety of activities found on the 3rd-5th Grade eLearning lesson site.

Desktop Greenhouse - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson Desktop Greenhouses

Farming in a Glove - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson Farming in a Glove: Changing Variables

Farm Web - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson My Farm Web

Where Does My Food Come From?- from the eLearning lesson Who Grew My Soup?

Fact Wheel- from the eLearning lesson Who Grew My Soup?