eLearning Box (Grades 3-5)

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Individual kit:
Contains enough materials for one student.
eLearning Box (Grades 3-5)

This kit is designed to support various forms of homeschool, virtual learning, and online classes, this kit provides ready-to-use supplies to facilitate hands-on learning and discovery. Each kit contains materials for one student to complete a variety of activities found on the 3rd-5th Grade eLearning lesson site.

Desktop Greenhouse - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson Desktop Greenhouses

Farming in a Glove - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson Farming in a Glove: Changing Variables

Farm Web - Mini Kit from the eLearning lesson My Farm Web

Where Does My Food Come From? from the eLearning lesson Who Grew My Soup?

Fact Wheel from the eLearning lesson Who Grew My Soup?

Order a copy of the book Who Grew My Soup? to accompany the lesson and activity.