Biotech Cheese

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Demonstration kit:
Includes enough materials for one demonstration.
Biotech cheese

Grades 6-12 (Kit)

Make cheese in your classroom using the same fast methods as industry! This kit includes the recipe to make cheese, cheesecloth, and two different types of rennet - one from an organic animal source and one from a genetically modified yeast source. You add water, powdered milk, and buttermilk (not included). This is a great activity for exploring enzymes and chemistry as well as the benefits and concerns surrounding genetic modification.

Thank you Aggie Creamery at Utah State University for generously donating liquid rennet! 

Biotech Cheese Instructions

Please Note: If you are not using this kit immediately, the contents of the kit need to be stored in a refrigerator. DO NOT place in the freezer. Please use this kit within 3 months.

Lesson plans associated with this kit can be found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix.

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