Arduino Controlled Relay

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Relay Kit

Using a relay allows an Arduino microcontroller to power a high voltage object. This kit contains what you need to build a relay that can be used to control a grow light or a sprinkler in an aeroponics system. Use this system to replace the timer included in the SpaceLite (Plant Light) Kit or Classroom Aquaponics Kit.

Assembly Instructions (Power Point) or view the YouTube videos below. 


Included Assembly Materials:

Sparkfun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino 


Arduino and Breadboard Holder

Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable 

RedBoard Power Supply (Wall Adapter Power Supply or 9V Battery Holder)

Solid State Relay

Jumper Wires

Hook-up Wire - Black (22 AWG)

Hook-up Wire - Red (22 AWG)

Copper Wire Ends (6)

Screw Driver

Assembly Materials (not included):

Electrical Tape or Shrink Tube

6 Foot Extension Cord

Craft Knife 

Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimping Tool

Computer (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux)

Arduino Software

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