Aeroponics Garden

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Aeroponics Garden

In the lesson Aeroponic Engineering and Vertical Farming, students use the Engineering Design Process to develop and construct an aeroponic garden to grow a food crop. Add the Aeroponic Garden Kit to a 5 gallon bucket (not included) to complete the design challenge. 

Materials Included:

  • 396 GPH submersible water pump
  • 1/2 sprinkler riser
  • Shrub head sprinkler
  • 2" net slit pots
  • 2" cloning collars
  • Timer (for the water pump)

Materials to Gather (Not Included):

  • 5 Gallon food grade bucket with lid (opaque)
  • Drill
  • 2" hole saw
  • Extension cord and or power strip
  • Hydroponic nutrient solution
    • This can be purchased (we tested General Hydroponics FloraGro) or you can mix your own)
  • Seedling plants
  • Grow light or a greenhouse

Consider adding the SpaceLite (Plant Light) Kit as a light source, or controlling the sprinkler with the Arduino Controlled Relay Kit

Additional Lesson Plans that compliment this kit can be found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix.