About Books

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Classroom kit:
Includes enough materials for 35 students.
About Books

Grades K-2 (Kit)

If you are a teacher who creates educational books with your children, try creating the About Cattle, About Sheep, About Chickens, About Pigs, and About Goats books. Some of the books provide pages ready to color, others require the names of the animals be written, and other pages ask students to glue down feed samples or wool products. The books provide an opportunity to talk about animal needs, uses, offspring, seasonal changes, etc. The package of materials includes ready-to-copy booklet masters and enough samples of wool, hay, straw, cattle, pig, and chicken feed for the entire class to create the booklets.

About Cattle (PDF)

About Chickens (PDF)

About Goats (PDF)

About Pigs (PDF)

About Sheep (PDF)

Additional lessons associated with this kit can be found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix.