Social Studies

  • Wheat Fall 2019

    Wheat Bundle

    Grades K-10 (Kit) Wheat is the most widely used grain across the globe. Experience threshing and grinding the wheat with your students while discussing how bread is made in different cultures. Each wheat bundle has 35 stalks of wheat. A Note on Wheat...

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  • Where in the World

    Where in the World Food Cards

    (Cards Only!) This kit contains cards with images of foods from around the world. The Where in the World Food Cards are designed to be an add-on for someone that owns a World Fabric Map. A downloadable version the cards can be found in lesson...

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  • wool refill

    Wool Refill

    Grades K-11 Refill your wool kit with 15 feet of carded wool. This kit is sold without the spinning hooks, if you are ordering a wool kit for the first time, order the Wool Spinning Kit. For more information about spinning and dyeing wool, take a look...

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  • wool samples

    Wool Samples

    Grades K-6 (Kit) Kit comes with a sample of some scoured wool and some wool top. Scoured wool is wool that has been washed commercially so that grease and vegetable matter are removed. Wool top is wool that has been scoured, carded, and combed.Lesson...

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  • wool spinning

    Wool Spinning

    Grades K-11 (Kit) Make social studies memorable with hands-on activities that involve students with the materials and techniques used for centuries to spin, dye, and felt wool. This kit contains 15 feet of wool top, 30 wool-spinning hooks, and...

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  • World Fabric Map

    World Fabric Map

    Grades 5-12 (Fabric Map) This fabric map is an excellent resource for "hands-on" geography activities. The cotton fabric washes well and can be taken outside. Countries and their capitals, and major bodies of water are identified. Each map has been...

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