Dwarf "Space Plant" Seeds - Hoyt Soybeans

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For teachers in the United States
Seed packet includes:
Approximately 15 seeds.

Grades K-12 (Seeds)

The USU Crop Physiology Laboratory has identified and characterized six varieties of dwarf crop plants. These short, early-flowering plants are ideal for growth on the International Space Station (and also in classrooms!) where there isn't room to grow full-size crops. Our dwarf tomato, pepper, and pea seeds are recommended for use in classroom settings where lighting is controlled. Fixtures with compact fluorescent bulbs and/or fluorescent tubes placed directly above the plants will provide adequate light for these cultivars. All seeds were bred using conventional plant breeding techniques.

Growing instructions

Space seeds can only ship to teachers in the United States!

Lesson plans associated with this kit can be found on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix.