Companion Resources

  • Farm Profile Cards

    Farm Profile Cards

    Grades 9-12 (Kit) Enhance students' understanding of farms with our Farm Profile Cards, which enable them to visualize farms of various sizes, ownership structures, types, and locations. Inside this kit, you'll discover six sets of 21 cards, totaling 126...

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  • Farming in a Glove

    Farming in a Glove

    Grades K-5 (Kit)  Grow your own farm in a glove! This kit contains instructions and enough materials for 30 students to plant five different seeds in the fingers of a food handler's glove and the cotton necessary to sprout them. Given a few days,...

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  • farming in a glove corn

    Farming in a Glove (Corn Seeds)

    Grades 3-12 (Kit) Grow your own farm in a glove! This kit contains instructions and enough materials for 30 students to plant five varieties of corn seeds; popcorn, Indian corn, field corn, sweet corn and flour corn, in the fingers of a food handler's...

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  • Fertile Eggs (Information Only)

    Fertile Eggs (Information Only)

    DO NOT add to cart! Fertile eggs are NOT AVAILABLE for purchase through Fertile eggs are necessary for hatching chicks. Eggs sold in grocery stores are not fertile and cannot be hatched. There are several options for purchasing...

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  • game board

    Fill MyPlate Game

    Grades 3-5 (Game) Test your students’ understanding of nutrition with this exciting, fast-paced board game. Students take turns rolling a die, moving to different sections of the MyPlate board, and answering basic trivia about healthy eating and...

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  • Food Supermarket

    Food Doesn't Grow in the Supermarket!

    Grades K-5 (DVD 29 min.) This DVD, narrated by children, follows "The City Guy", an adult who thinks he knows where food comes from (the grocery store) as he visits three different farms to learn where food really comes from and what it takes to produce...

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  • Food Models Front

    Food Models

    Grades K-12 These full-color, life-size cardboard photographs of 200 commonly eaten foods are pictured in portion sizes with updated nutrition information presented in label format on the back. A perfect hands-on tool for teaching food and nutrition...

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  • Food Science in a Box

    Food Science in a Box

    Grades 3-5 (Kit) This kit is designed to support various forms of homeschool, virtual learning, and online classes, this kit provides ready-to-use supplies to facilitate hands-on learning and discovery. Each kit contains materials for one student to...

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  • Flavor Oils

    French Vanilla Flavor Oil

    Flavor oils are formulated specifically for lip balms and lip glosses. The flavor Oils are manufactured using a combination of both high quality Natural and Artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with...

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  • Fiber to Fabric

    From Fiber to Fabric: Wool's a Natural

    Grades 3-8 (DVD 15 min.) This 1977 historical look at fiber, narrated by Orson Wells, follows the history of wool from before Egyptian times to the present day. This movie ties easily to social studies curriculum, as it discusses how England withheld...

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  • From Moo to You

    From Moo to You?

    Grades K-8 (DVD 26 min.) This program explores a dairy food processing plant that makes many of our favorite foods, such as cheese, butter, and ice cream. Why "milk does a body good" and why it's considered nature's most perfect food are emphasized. A...

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