Companion Resources

  • Classroom Aquaponics

    Classroom Aquaponics

    Investigate the basic needs of plants and fish and discover how plants, animals, and bacteria interact in a symbiotic system by assembling, maintaining, and observing a small-scale aquaponics system.  Assembly required!  Materials ...

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  • Flavor Oil

    Coconut Flavor Oil

    Flavor oils are formulated specifically for lip balms and lip glosses. The flavor Oils are manufactured using a combination of both high quality Natural and Artificial ingredients. The natural ingredient base allows our flavors to enhance products with...

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  • colored pencils

    Colored Pencils

    Six genuine wood colored pre-sharpened pencils are packaged inside a white box. Comes with all the basic colors: blue, yellow, orange, green, red, and purple.

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  • Connecting to Agriculture

    Connecting to Agriculture

    Grades 6-8 (DVD 17 min.) This exciting, fast-paced video is a great way for students to learn about how agriculture connects to their lives. Animation, fun facts and farmers tell the story of agriculture and how it relates to economics, science and...

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  • Cotton Bolls

    Cotton Bolls

    Grades 1-11 Help your students understand how the fiber in their clothing, towels, and sheets comes from cotton plants. The seeds must be removed from the cotton fibers to make cloth. This process is called ginning (after Eli Whitney's cotton gin; gin is...

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  • Cotton...From Field to Fabric

    Cotton...From Field to Fabric

    Grades 7-9 (DVD 10 min.) Explore how cotton is produced "from field to fabric" and processed into cotton cloth in on a modern farm and in a modern textile mill. This DVD was produced by the National Cotton Council of America. Also check out the online...

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  • Cotton Perennial

    Cotton...The Perennial Patriot

    Grades 5-11 (DVD 9 min.) Cotton has been grown and used throughout the history of the United States. This DVD teaches how cotton plants have impacted and changed the history of the United States. From the production of blue jeans to the filament in the...

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  • countdown to hatch

    Countdown to Hatch

    Grades K-6 Build suspense and get a sneak peek at embryo development inside a fertile egg with this colorful embryology kit. The kit contains 21 plastic eggs. Inside of each egg is a laminated picture and detailed developmental description of the chick...

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  • Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese

    Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese Kit - Promo

    Grades 6-12 (Kit) *** This FREE Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese kit is available to teachers in Utah and Idaho. All others, please order the Mozzarella Cheese kit. Available while supplies last, limit one per teacher! If you have a need for more than one...

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  • Desktop Greenhouse

    Desktop Greenhouses

    Do plants need light? Students will investigate the importance of light to plants by creating desktop greenhouses. Kit includes clear plastic cups with lids, black plastic cups, black electrical tape, black card stock, Jiffy 7 peat pellets,...

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  • Desktop Greenhouses - Mini Kit

    Desktop Greenhouses - Mini Kit

    (Mini Kit) Includes enough materials for one classroom demonstration. Full Desktop Greenhouses kit is available for purchase.  Do plants need light? Students will investigate the importance of light to plants by creating desktop greenhouses. Kit...

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  • Dirt

    Dirt: Secrets in the Soil

    Grade 4 (DVD 60 min.) Designed specifically for Utah fourth-grade students, this DVD contains a six-segment program that brings the fundamental lessons of soil science from the countryside to the classroom in a way that is sure to keep students...

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